7th - 12th Grade

Service (M.O.R.E)


Christ said, “You are the light of the world” (Mt. 5:14). We are called to live as a reflection of Christ, going out into the world to serve others and spread the Good News by our actions and words. 

The following parameters are designed to help students plan out their service for the school year. Here are the service requirements for all students:
  • A minimum of 12 hours for all grades, 7th through 12th, 6 hours per semester is required.

Each student will prepare and submit one reflection (150 words minimum; 300 max) addressing questions that will be posted by your religion teacher.  Each student is responsible for one reflection each semester. The reflections will be completed once the required service hours are met on or before the following dates:  December 1st & May 1st. 

*Students are encouraged to serve above and beyond the minimum required and MUST catalog those hours in X2VOL which can be accessed through Naviance or directly through X2VOL

The following criteria must met for students to receive FULL credit.  Students must verify service using ALL means presented through X2VOL:
  • Name & email of site supervisor
  • A minimum of two photos of themselves in action at the organization
  • 6 hours per semester with one reflection per project
Religion teachers will be responsible for confirming the requirements of each student in their class.  Students should participate in a variety of service experiences that take them outside their comfort level over the course of their high school years.

Service is putting faith into action.  Service is doing something for someone else and not expecting anything in return.  It is also helping people out when they cannot complete the task by themselves.  There are many different ways to provide service to others varying from helping someone carry their groceries to their car to serving your country in the military. By serving people, you are bettering your character, and the character of those around you.  People say that one act of kindness leads to another one.  St. Mother Teresa said, “Be the One”… to serve, to love, to be kind, to give, and glorify God in all that we do. 

One of the most important things we do when we become an adult in the church is serve our community.  Teaching service as part of the curriculum helps to reinforce that idea.

Service is not an extra-curricular activity.  There are service opportunities in public schools. However, in Catholic schools, it is the Gospel mandate to serve. That means tying the concept of service to scripture and a greater lesson. Christian service is a central tenet of the Catholic faith and therefore at the core of a faith-based education.”

Community service focusing on the corporal works of mercy, e.g., feed the hungry, clothe the naked, visit the sick, shelter the homeless, care for creation. 

    •       Begin community service over the summer.
    •       Consider working with one organization throughout the year. Building a relationship with a community is most rewarding for the student and helpful for the agency.

Committing to one agency provides connections that are helpful in applying to colleges and jobs.

    •       We encourage students to wear their Catholic High uniforms or clothing with the HSM logo on it to promote our school.
    •       Go beyond the requirement. Service hours are used to nominate students for many scholarships and awards.
    •       We encourage students to go “Above and Beyond.” Look beyond yourself and recognize people and places that need your help. Lux Tua Luceat - Let your light
    •       It is important that with each activity the student writes a reflection. Community service is not only an activity to be completed, but a means to meet Christ in the people who are being served.
    •       Utilize your summer break!  Take advantage of your more flexible schedule and ample opportunities over your breaks. Hours accumulated during the summer count toward your yearly requirement.

The following are recommended settings to perform community service:
    •       Animal shelters
    •       Camps that are faith-based and/or service-based
    •       Emergency services (e.g. Red Cross, police, firefighters)
    •       Environmental organizations
    •       Food pantries
    •       Homeless shelters
    •       Hospitals
    •       Housing programs
    •       Meal programs
    •       Pro-life pregnancy centers
    •       Retirement homes
    •       School sponsored community service projects
    •       Parish volunteer
    •       Tutoring program

Grading Rubric:
First semester, 2nd 9weeks Second semester, 4th 9 weeks:
Reflection 25 points; minimum 150 words; maximum 250.
Hours logged – 75 points and approved by religion teacher and supervisor.
100 points total per semester for 2nd & 4th nine weeks
            *The questions to respond to in the reflection will be different for each semester.  The question will be posted by your religion teacher where students will receive those questions pertaining to service.

  • Service Hours can be something done ordinarily for money, such as working in the family business, babysitting, or cutting grass, as long as you do not get paid in any way for your service.
  • Service Hours cannot be done specifically for family members. We serve our families and honor our father and mother daily. This is to be expected. Accept the challenge to serve those outside of your family.
  • Failure to complete service hours will result in an overall “0” of the project.  A student must have hours completed in order to complete the other requirements of the MORE project. 
  • Any student who post inappropriate pictures, words, etc, will receive a “0” for the entirety of the project and will be held accountable to the school policy for social media and will be held accountable through Naviance via X2VOL.
  • Most importantly, HAVE FUN!!! 

If clarification is needed, students should contact the Religion Department to verify the acceptability of a service opportunity.

Semester 1
Hours and reflection are to be completed by December 1st. (6 hours)
Semester 2
Hours and reflection are to be completed by May 1st.  (6 hours)