7th - 12th Grade

Religion Department

The Religion Department of Holy Savior Menard Central High School teaches doctrine according to the Magisterium of the Church as articulated by the US Conference of Catholic Bishops.  Our mission is to create an atmosphere where students are able to recognize and communicate their experiences of God and the things of God within the framework of Catholic Tradition. 

Our religious educators encourage students to pursue continual growth in their knowledge and experience of faith.  We strive to prepare students to live a rich sacramental life through a real and loving relationship with the Lord.

Throughout each year of study, students discover their own identity as Children of God and experience the joy of serving others as Christ serves us, selflessly.  To build our faith community, students are encouraged to worship God and to minister to the needs of others through the M.O.R.E. project as defined in the curriculum and in conjunction with our Campus Ministry Department.

Religion as an academic subject promotes an understanding of truth and virtue.  Our courses and our staff strive to bring about the Kingdom of God in this world and to prepare students to live with Him in the next.  Nurturing spirituality in the Menard community seeks to establish a personal and prayerful relationship with the entire Trinity.
We look forward to accompanying each child through this journey.

In Christ,
Jessica Sanders
Religion Content Lead
Holy Savior Menard High School
"The world offers you comfort, but you were not made for comfort. 
You were made for greatness."  Pope Benedict XVI