7th - 12th Grade

Teacher Salary Endowment

Holy Savior Menard establishes endowment fund for teacher salaries.

A Holy Savior Menard Central High School alum and former teacher has made a $25,000 anonymous donation to the school to establish an endowment fund set up for the sole purpose of increasing teacher salaries.

The Holy Savior Menard Excellence in Teaching Endowment fund is set up to honor the current faculty with the hope of permanent future pay raises, by honoring the most influential, dedicated Holy Savior Menard teachers from the past.

“I think everyone who has ever attended HSM can name at least one really great teacher who inspired us and who made a difference in our lives,” said Jennifer Tichenor, class of '01.  “We’ve had so many great teachers here now and who have taught in our classrooms over the past 112 years. We are asking that with each donation, the donor will submit the name of their favorite/most influential teacher.”

As donations are received, the list of donors and the teacher the donor wishes to honor, will be listed in the quarterly alumni newsletter and the school’s annual report.

The initial goal is to raise $500,000 while investing those funds for the purpose of long-term growth.

The sole purpose of the long-term is to pay all teacher salaries at a competitive rate, which in turn would relieve the operating budget of this expense. The school could then update facilities, etc. At this point 84 percent of tuition dollars goes to salaries and benefits. By lowering that amount, we can do so much more for our students. 

Once the total balance in the fund (including earnings) reaches that goal, the school will begin using 30 percent of the earnings to fund teacher salaries. Over the years, as the fund increases in donations and in value, the plan is to increase the amount to fund teacher salaries.

The ultimate long-term goal is to raise $5 million dollars and to use 80 percent of the interest to fund teacher salaries. Since approximately 85 percent of the school’s budget goes to teacher salaries, the hope is that, in time, this initiative would cover a majority of the school’s budget.

The funds will be maintained in an account separate and apart from all other HSM accounts. The funds are restricted for any purpose other than to fund teacher salaries. The funds deposited into this Endowment will be invested at the discretion of the HSM Board of Directors. The earnings from the fund will be used at the discretion of the HSM principal solely to fund teacher salaries.

To make a donation, and to honor your most influential teacher, go to the website at www.holysaviormenard.com giving tab or mail in a check (to HSM Teaching Endowment) to Holy Savior Menard Central High School, 4603 Coliseum Blvd., Alexandria, LA, 71303. Be sure to include the name of the teacher you wish to honor.

For more information, contact Lynn Roy at 318-445-8233 or at lroy@holysaviormenard.com