7th - 12th Grade

Louisiana Tax Credits

Did you know that Louisiana's high school graduation rate ranks 46th nationally and just 23% of the state's 8th graders read at or above proficient? That's unacceptable in America. But you can help change the course for our kids.
Arete offers Louisiana taxpayers a budget-favorable giving opportunity under the Louisiana Tuition Donation Credit (TDC) Program. Learn how individuals and corporations can participate.

Under the program, any Louisiana taxpayer may donate their entire state income tax liability to Arete and receive a 95% tax credit at the time of donation. Arete will provide need-based K-12 scholarships to Louisiana students. By law, Arete may retain up to 5% of each donation to help defray administrative expenses.

The full donation amount may still be eligible for a charitable federal tax deduction, making the program more favorable than movie and historical rehabilitation credits.

Click HERE to read what the Louisiana Department of Education has to say about the TDC program.

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