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Spiritual Life

Spiritual Life


One of the most important facets of the Christian life is regular prayer, and as such, prayer is an integrated part of campus life.

Each school day begins with the Pledge of Allegiance, the HSM Mission Statement, and the Morning Offering prayer. Additionally, students and teachers begin each class period with various prayers from the rich history and spirituality of the Christian faith.

Weekly Mass


As one body in Christ, we gather as a school family to begin a new week with our hearts and minds focused on Christ, Jesus. Students and teachers gather in praise and testify to how we are fully coming to know who God is through our everyday lives. Monday Morning prayer begins at 7:20 a.m. in the school Chapel.

I ADORE Wednesday

Every Wednesday at both lunch shifts there will be Eucharisitic Adoration and prayers, led by a group of dads.


We are so blessed as Catholics to be able to receive the true presence of Christ in the most Holy Eucharist everyday. The Blessed Sacrament allows each of us to develop a more deeper, and personal relationship with Christ. Mass will begin at 7:10 am in the chapel followed by Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament will be from 8a.m. to 3p.m.


The Holy Savior Menard School community starts and ends the day praising and giving thanks to God. Each morning at HSM begins with school-wide community prayer. Students hear about the lives of Saints, the history of Catholic feast days, liturgical seasons, and other Catholic doctrines. After, we join in prayer to the Sacred Heart of Mary. At the end of the day, we join in prayer to the Consecration to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.


The Sacrament of Reconciliation is offered several times throughout the school year (at least once each quarter), giving students the opportunity to participate in this important sacrament of healing and forgiveness. Confessions are heard by priests in the local area of the Diocese of Alexandria. Confession is offered every Wednesday from 7-8 A.M. in the Chapel. School-wide confessions will be held at a later date.


The Living Rosary is an activity conducted twice each school year that allows the entire school to participate in one of the more important devotions found in the Catholic faith. The event usually takes place during October, January in Catholic Schools Week, and May. The Living Rosary, in vigil form, takes on different themes and focuses such as praying for our country, for the unborn, etc.


The Stations of the Cross help to bring us closer to Christ, Jesus as we meditate on His great and unconditional love He showed for us through His most sorrowful Passion. Stations of the Cross are every Friday morning during Lent.


(May 12th)
This is a beautiful liturgical ceremony that is offered in thanksgiving for the blessings God has bestowed upon the graduates and their families. The Mass is for the graduating class and their families which is held at St. Francis Xavier Cathedral.


(May 01th)

May Crowning is celebrated each year. The month of May is dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary. As Catholics, we honor her as “the Queen of May.” A wreath of blossoms is placed on the statue of Mary’s head to indicate Mary’s virtues, virtues that are to be imitated by the faithful.


(May 09th)

This is the last school Mass for seniors as the entire school community gathers in worship to pray for our seniors as they prepare to leave HSM and move forward into the next chapter of their lives.


" Christ has no body on earth but ours, no hands, but ours, no feet but ours. Ours are the eyes through which the compassion of Christ looks out upon the world, ours are the feet with which he goes about doing good, ours are the hands with which he blesses his people. "
- St. Teresa of Avila

To Know, Love, and Serve


Values: God, Faith, Ministry, Service, Character Development
Vision: To integrate Catholicism more fully into the identity of HSMCHS.
Mission: The mission of HSMCHS is to provide a Catholic educational program rooted in traditions of Faith Development,


Purpose:To develop our Catholic faith and integrate it more fully into the identity of HSMCHS academics, athletics, extracurricular activities, students, their families, faculty, staff, and alumni.
Plan:To provide yearly, monthly, and weekly plans that communicate liturgies, rallies, programming, travel, prayer, retreats, updates, bulletins, communications, and tools to achieve the purpose of campus ministry.


Every year, students in each grade level are given the opportunity to experience a one-day class retreat. Traditionally, these retreats are conducted by the MAC Team at the Maryhill Renewal Center in Pineville, LA.

HSM retreats are not only a chance for students to get out of the usual classroom environment but also a day to focus on their faith and an opportunity for them to encounter Christ in a new way. Retreat attendance is not optional. A Religion grade is assigned to students in grades 7th - 11th for participation in their class retreats. Participation in the senior retreat is a graduation requirement for students in 12th grade.



Formed with the mission of uniting Menard Memorial, Providence Central and Holy Savior Menard alumni, the Eagle Alumni Association is proud of its ongoing work to bring together the more than 5,000 alumni and friends who make up our Menard family. Check this page often for updates on Eagle Alumni Association events and activities. Also, remember to like us on Facebook!