• The National Honor Society offers free tutoring every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday morning from 7:15- 7:45 in Mrs. McKay's room 407.
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Columbian Squires

Esto Dignus, "Be Worthy,"

 "The Columbian Squires is a global Catholic Youth Organization sponsored by and modeled after the Knights of Columbus.  Columbian Squire Circles and Members engage in spiritual, civic, community, and intellectual development, cultivating the next generation of Catholic gentlemen in accordance with the teachings of Christ.  All young men who are practicing Catholics between the ages of ten and eighteen are eligible to join the organization."

Chief Counselor: William F. Guillot

Eagle Breeze Newspaper

The Eagle Breeze Newspaper is issued periodically throughout the year to provide publishing experience for the journalism class, as well as reading enjoyment for the student body. This year the journalism class will be updating the school website along with publishing the school newspaper.

Eligible: Students enrolled in journalism

Junior Catholic Daughters

JCDA is sponsored by and modeled after the Catholic Daughters of the Americas. CDA strives to embrace the principle of faith working through love in the promotion of justice, equality, and the advancement of human rights and human dignity for all. The Catholic Daughters are dedicated to the Blessed Mother, and their motto is unity and charity. Eligible: All young women who are practicing Catholics in grades 7-12.

From bottom left to top:
Camille, Ashley, Natalie, Gillian, Chelsea, Lily, Mallory, Madeline, Cameron, Sarah Katharine, Kate Gabby, Frances, Caroline, Kelsi, Rachel, Ava, Carly, Emma, Tristan, Faith Abby, Hannah, Faith, Sonni, Abby, Regan, Annie, Sarah, Juliet, Alyssa, Mary Claire Emily, Maddie, Noelle, Macy, Christian, Leah, Nicole, Jade, Jolie, Anna Claire Alexx, Camille, Megan, Olivia, Abby, Annie, Hannah
JCDA is sponsored by Jessica Sanders and Michelle Lemoine.

MAC Team

Menard Apostles for Christ
 (MAC-Team)-The Menard Apostles for Christ (MAC Team) is a group of seniors who have heard the call to grow closer to the Lord.They serve as student leaders and assistant campus ministers at Holy Savior Menard by planning and conducting class retreats from the 7th-12th grades, putting on retreats for other schools across the state, participating and preparing for school Masses, serving as Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion at Mass, and organizing various other campus ministry projects throughout the year. MAC Team members receive training in small-group leadership, communication techniques, and other skills necessary for ministerial work. To be considered for the MAC Team, students apply at the end of their junior year, and they must have received credit for all religion courses taken at Holy Savior Menard.


Spring Musical

The Cast of 2017 Bye-Bye Birdie

Auditions for the 2017-2018 Spring Musical will be held in January of 2018. All students grades 9-12 may audition!

Every Spring our students have the opportunity to perform in a fully mounted musical. Our program inspires students to exciting new levels of excellence in the Performing Arts. 


Student Ambassadors


Holy Savior Menard Student Ambassadors are a group of high school students dedicated to the positive promotion of Holy Savior Menard Central High School. They work as liaisons between the Menard community and prospective families. They attend monthly meeting and training sessions, provide campus tours, participate in grade school visits, host prospective students, believe in the mission of HSM, and commit to a life that reflects the mission of HSM. Eligible: Students in grades 9-12.


First Row: Faculty Representative-Renee H., Ava K., Virginia R., Hannah M., Rebecca J., Maddie G., Ashlynn D., Alexis K., Macy B., Reuben A., Abby G., Tara M., Caroline S., Sawyer R.
Second Row: Kaitlin F., Megan B., Annie R., Jennifer C., Juliette R. , Alison R., Madalyn V., Emma A., Aileen J., Ellie V., Madelyn C., Sarah Catherine L., Maddie M., Cameron E., Lindsay M.
Third Row: Abby E., Monroe M., Alyssa W., Hannah L., Erin L., Elizabeth P., Michale L., Morgan W., Briggs C., Rachel M., Mary Claire U., Alyssa R., Nancy T., Ashley S.
Fourth Row: Gabby G., Thomas B., Olivia C., Emily C., Alexx D., Jordan F., Merrik B., Cameron C., Aza D., Sean B., Gabe P., Camille M., Caroline U.
Fifth Row: Sejin A., Regan R., Ian C., Jon S., Miranda H., Kathryn C., Noelle D., Emily S., Haley D., Hannah H., Alexa R., Madison B., Chesnie S., Martha V., Kaitlyn B.
Sixth row: Payton F., Adam M., David B., Daniel D.

Student Council

The student council is to train students for good citizenship and leadership, to further student initiative and responsibility, and to promote a greater school spirit by unifying the student body.The student council shall promote projects that are worthwhile, beneficial and of interest to all students. Members shall uphold high standards of conduct and achievement.

Student Council grades 7-12 meet at planned meetings at 7:15am on Thursdays in the media room
School Events Sponsored by The Student Council:
Daily Announcements
Homecoming Celebrations
Manna House Fundraiser
Christmas Deck the Mall
Christmas Assembly
Shinefest Talent Show


President: Heath H
Vice president: Camille M
Members: Caroline B, Audrey D, Margaret D, Kendall D, Faith M, Abby L, Kent M, Daniel D, Jordan F, Emily C, Alyssa R, Abby H, Mary Claire U, Rachel M, Avery L, William S, Miranda H, Payton F, Kathryn C, Noelle D, Maddie M, Jake U, Zaylen T, Mary H, Emily S, Anna D, Annie K, Virginia R, Jaycee G, Macy B, Victoria H., Rosy W.
Officers: Heath H, Camille M, Caroline U, Martha H, Ava K, Sarah Catherine L.

Talon Yearbook

The talon is the official yearbook of holy savior menard. Members of the yearbook staff strive to create a history book of pictures that help to provide the student body with a lasting memory of their high school years. Eligible: Students enrolled in the publications lab class (limited to students in grades 11-12).
Faculty sponsor: Cindy campbell



Formed with the mission of uniting Menard Memorial, Providence Central and Holy Savior Menard alumni, the Eagle Alumni Association is proud of its ongoing work to bring together the more than 5,000 alumni and friends who make up our Menard family. Check this page often for updates on Eagle Alumni Association events and activities. Also, remember to like us on Facebook!