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A wide variety of competitive sports is provided for Menard students. Such activities are designed to help the student to develop his/her talents and interests and to learn how to live, work, and share cooperatively with others.

Student activities not only add to the enjoyment of school life, but also permit the student to develop broader insights and experiences in cultural, political, social, and athletic areas.

Menard has an outstanding history of excellence in all sports, having achieved district, regional and state championships in baseball, basketball, cross country, football, golf, softball, track and tennis. Students are invited to consult with sponsors and coaches to express an interest in taking part in any of the school organizations or Louisiana District 3-2A interscholastic athletics. See the drop-down menu to the left for the full list of sports offered at Holy Savior Menard.

For Parents Who Take Pictures at Sports Events

Each year, the staff of The Talon, Menard's yearbook, works to compile a comprehensive yearbook of all areas of Holy Savior Menard. If any parent(s) would like to donate any pictures from any Menard sports event, high school or junior high, please contact Cindy Campbell, the yearbook advisor, at ccampbell@holysaviormenard.com. Pictures can be sent via email or jump drive.

Lettering in Athletics

A student athlete is eligible to receive a letter jacket after the student has participated in a varsity or academic entity for at least two years. The school issues only one letter jacket during the athlete's time at Holy Savior Menard. A student who transfers from another school must be enrolled for one year before he/she becomes eligible to receive a letter jacket. If a student transfers from Holy Savior Menard to another school in the central Louisiana area before his/her letter jacket is awarded, he/she will not receive the jacket.,

Holy Savior Menard is a member of the Louisiana High School Athletic Association (LHSAA). Lettering in athletics is subject to the regulations outlined in the LHSAA Handbook. The school awards a letter to any athlete who completes a season and meets the lettering participation requirements of the sport. If, in the judgment of the head coach, a student has made a significant contribution to the program during the season, that student may receive a letter without strict fulfillment of the participation requirements of the sport. Participation requirements for lettering (not letter jackets) in each sport are as follows:


  • Baseball: Play in at least 1/2 or more of the innings during the season.
  • Basketball: Play in at least 2/3 of the scheduled games.
  • Cross Country: Place in the district or state meet or participate in at least 3 varsity competitions.
  • Football: Play in at least 16 quarters during the regular season.
  • Golf: Play in at least 1/2 of the scheduled matches or participate in the regional tournament.
  • Soccer: Play in at least 1/2 of the regular season soccer games.
  • Softball: Play in at least 1/2 or more of the innings during the season.
  • Swimming: Score at least 1 point at the state swim meet.
  • Tennis: Play in at least 1/2 of the matches during the season.
  • Track: Score at least 1 point in the district meet or score at least 25 points during the season.

Menard Athletics: A Tradition of Excellence

  2007 State Champions
  1975 State Champions
  1963 State Runners-Up
  1960 State Champions
  1959 State Champions

Cross Counrty (Boys)
  2000 State Champions
  2001 State Champions
 1999 State Runners-Up

Cross Country (Girls)
2015 State Runner-Up
  2014 State Champions
  2013 State Champions
  2011 State Champions
  2010 State Runners-Up
  2006 State Runners-Up
  2003 State Runners-Up
  2002 State Runners-Up
  2001 State Runners-Up
  2000 State Champions
  1999 State Champions
  1998 State Runners-Up
  1996 State Champions
  1995 State Champions
  1994 State Champions
  1993 State Champions
  1991 State Runners-Up

  2011 State Runners-Up
  2008 State Champions
  2007 State Runners-Up
  2006 State Runners-Up
  1985 State Champions
  1980 State Champions
  1977 State Champions
  1976 State Champions
1975 State Champions

 2016 State Runner-Up
2015 State Champion
  2014 State Runners-Up        
  2007 State Runners-Up
  2004 State Runners-Up
  2001 State Champions
  1999 State Runners-Up
  1994 State Runners-Up
  1993 State Champions
  1992 State Runners-Up

Tennis (Boys)
  2010 State Runners-Up
  1998 State Runners-Up
  1990 State Runners-Up
  1989 State Champions
  1987 State Runners-Up
  1978 State Runners-Up
  1977 State Champions
  1976 State Champions



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